Todd Richter Extends Dollars to Alma Mater

Todd Richter

Todd Richter went above and beyond in showing his post-graduate alma mater some much-deserved appreciation. He went $5 million above and beyond.

Richter is an established, respected and well-known businessman in the financial field. His experience extends across responsibilities, but particularly into healthcare where he has become known in the last 20 years as one of Wall Street’s leading financial analysts. His decades-long career has had many successes, which he partially attributes to the education that he received at the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University. Richter graduated with his Masters in Business Administration from the Kelley School in 1981.

Since that time, Todd Richter has been very committed to the educational institution. His generosity has included donating time and energy to students studying finance, mentoring aspiring students, exchanging ideas with professors and other department members, and acting within corporate recruiting teams. But Richter’s latest contribution, a $5 million endowment to the Kelley School, goes beyond his previous endeavors. This significant donation, with streams of funding toward professorships and fellowships, sets up the school and students for future successes in finance just like those achieved by the charitable Richter.